I was raised in Guelph, Ontario but home is Toronto. This amazing city and all its diversity is constant inspiration.

A bit about me... I'm not a runner, though I have run into glass doors, away from a security officer, and one half-marathon. I like oxford commas and Vampire Weekend. I've been in two car accidents and I still forget to wear my seatbelt sometimes, but not too often.

I have an amazing Mom, Dad, brother, sister-in-law, kind of adopted sister and girlfriend. When I was growing up, our neighbour had a white dog named Baba. I would often, with hesitance, jump the fence to play with him. We have a dog now, he's not white, his name is Slick and he lives in British Columbia. He's moving home soon and I can't wait!

I love physics. I don't love religion. I love asking questions but I don't always love the answers. I'm good with my hands, yet I spill drinks often.

I love to travel, my lacrosse number was fourteen, and I still can't beat my brother in a foot race. I've been bullied and I've bullied. I trust too easily and too fearfully. I've won awards and I've framed a rejection letter. I write things down, most of which nobody reads.

I want wands to be real. I think stories change the world. I have everything I need. 

Except a dragon. We should all have dragons.

I love a lot of people and I tell them I love them.

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