A New Website

I designed and developed a new website for Emailtopia, an email management software company with rapid growth and changing needs. The new site needed to portray a more corporate environment and be effective on any device.

Support Clients

In an effort to reduce support emails and calls, it was vital that we developed an effective knowledge base on the website for clients. Through an iterative design process, we have been successful in better supporting clients to solve problems.

Drive Sales

The website is consistently improved to enhance the sales process. With dedicated landing pages, deeply integrated AdWords, and frequent soft and hard calls to action, the website has been pivotal for Emailtopia's sales team.

Virani Law

A New Brand

Virani Law opened to focus on helping people who had experienced a fire or a flood, inspired by my family's experiences with a house fire. The design could not be burdened by the connotation of law. It also needed to appeal to individuals from different income brackets and be accessible to seniors. 

A New Website

Virani Law's website needed to be mobile friendly, due to the target being those who had been displaced. Additionally, the website was designed and developed as a source of education for prospective clients, as opposed to a sales pitch. This approach has proven to be extremely valuable.

Social Media

With social media as a central tool to communicate with prospective clients, Virani Law's social media posts are each designed with specific targets in mind. With communicative photos and targeted campaigns, Facebook has been effective in reaching new clientele and attracting thousands of people to the website.

Unity Charity

Content Strategy

UNITY uses hip-hop to improve the lives of young people. Having worked on content with UNITY for three years, I have influence their content approach to focus on artists performances and documentaries. This has been effective in helping to secure grants, funding, and sponsorship.


Managing UNITY's YouTube channel has been an exercise in storytelling. By strategically organizing content, developing playlists, and branding the content, it is now easy for viewer to get lost in the channel and telll themselves a story, while gaining a broad understanding of UNITY's work.

Arts Educator Training

To support UNITY's ongoing work, I advocated for an online internal knowledge base and built it using Google Sites. This website is a training module for new artists and an archive of wisdom for UNITY and the Canadian hip-hop community. 

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